Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

Safe, effective and now pain free!! Hair removal by the UK's No.1 laser experts

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laser IPL Hair Removal at the Lynton Clinic, Cheshire, Stockport

We treat all skin types...

  • Do you want to stop worrying about excess hair?
  • Fed up of shaving, waxing, tweezing or threading?
  • Are Ingrowing hairs are a problem?

Most people get fed up of having to deal with unwanted hair
on a daily or monthly basis.
The Lynton Clinic in Holmes Chapel Cheshire offers laser hair removal so you can say goodbye to messy waxing, tweezing or daily shaving. 

Treatment Summary

Take a look at our Treatment Summary to help give you an idea if the basics
when it comes to laser hair removal at the Lynton Clinic:
laser hair removal treatment at the lynton clinic, cheadle cheshire

Specialist laser hair removal experts at the lynton clinic, cheshireCarried out by our laser experts

We use the UK's most powerful laser platform - The DEKA Motus!

We have 3 different permanent hair reduction systems including laser and IPL  so you can rest assured that you will receive the most effective and suitable treatment for you and your hair type.

We have a revolutionary new system which can be used in a pain free mode and has proven to be very effective on finer hairs especially on darker skins which can be difficult. Also lighter hairs and even tanned skin! We treat both men and women for most areas of the face and body

A course of laser treatments is usually required at 4 – 8 weekly intervals to follow the hair growth cycle. Treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and free from painful in-growing hairs.

"Loved my experience here, Emma was so helpful and my treatment was amazing!!! So delighted with the results from the laser hair removal so far, I used to shave everyday and now I shave once a week at most'

Donna M | Lynton Clinic Customer 2019

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“I have just completed a course of laser hair removal on my legs and I am delighted with the results. No more waxing or shaving and not having to worry about wearing a short dress with no tights!”


 “Almost finished my 6th hair removal laser session, it’s the best money I have spent! A very friendly and professional set-up. Thank you for putting me at ease and giving me great results.”


“I have had hair removal laser on my face, which has been very successful and I am very pleased with the results. Having tweezed for years I now find myself not having to worry every morning about hairs ‘showing’ what a relief!”

S c Hallam


+ How is treatment carried out?

The hairs must be pre-shaven before the treatment. The laser is then passed over the area and the pigment in the hairs absorb the light and convert this to heat. This heat then kills and destroys the cells that make the hair, meaning a new hair cannot grow again out of that follicle.

+ Is it permanent?

This is a question we get asked a lot and the answer is yes! As we kill the cells that make the hair a new hair cannot grow from that follicle, and the follicle will shrink and can even die. What we cannot do is treat a follicle that has no hair in it. If the area of treatment only has a few hairs i.e the chin you may only currently have 10% of your potential hair growth. This means in the future you may make more hair in the other 90% of the follicles, but this hair was going to appear anyway and would have compounded on top of your existing growth. So on certain areas of the body on-going treatment may be needed.

+ Am I suitable for treatment?

Most people are suitable for treatment. Best results are seen with people who have lighter skin and dark thick hairs. Dark hair is easier to treat as it has a high concentration of pigment and fairer skins mean there is a bigger contrast between hair and skin. Fair hair is trickier to treat and thinner hair, though we do have an advanced system that has been chosen especially for treating these types of hairs.

+ How does it feel?

Treatment sensation varies but is often described as a ‘flick of an elastic band’. No anaesthetic is required and most clients describe the discomforts as moderate and tolerable.

+ How long does it take?

The treatment length varies depending on the size of the area. Something small such as top lip will take 10 minutes, something larger i.e full leg or full back could be 90 minutes

+ Is there a recovery period?

The skin may be red immediately after treatment and the hair follicles may be swollen and raised but this usually subsides within a few hours. Adverse reactions are rare but may include a small blister or temporary lightening or darkening of the skin.

+ How many treatments are recommended?

Only hair that is actively growing is affected, therefore multiple treatments are needed a typical average number of treatments is 8-12, though it does vary. Treatments are conducted every 4 to 8 weeks depending on the area being treated, until a good result is seen


Prices are given per area for a single session or a course of 6 treatments (where a 20% discount is applied). If you are having multiple areas treated a further discount can be applied at the clinicians discretion.


Laser Hair Removal                                             

                                                                From       Course of 6          
Centre Brow or Earlobes                         £50         £240                                     

Upperlip                                                 £60         £288

Chin or Sides of Face                              £80         £384                                     

Upperlip, chin & jawline                         £120       £576                                     

Full Face                                                  £160       £768                                     

Underarm                                               £90         £432                                     

Lower Leg                                               £200      £960                                     

Full Leg                                                   £295      £1416                                    

Bikini – Standard                                     £105       £504

Bikini – Brazilian                                     £145       £696                                     

Bikini – Hollywood (full)                          £165       £792                                     

Upper Cheeks                                         £65         £312                                      

Beard                                                     £155       £744                                     

Hands                                                    £80         £384                                                     

Buttocks                                                 £105       £504                  

Chest & Stomach                                   £240      £1152

Chest or Stomach                                  £155       £744                                                     

Full Back                                                £295      £1416

For other areas or for multiple areas please call the Clinic for Individual quote 01477 536979