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Revolutionises Body Contouring & Fat Reduction with Coolwaves™

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New Microwave Body Shaping, Fat Reduction, Cellulite Removal and Skin Tightening machine

Onda Body Shaping Device for Fat Cell Death and Cellulite Removal

Selectively Destroy Fat Cells with Coolwaves™ 

ONDA is the worlds first and only device to use the revolutionary new technology for non-surgical body contouring and fat reduction: Coolwaves™ by DEKA.

These unique Coolwaves™ (microwaves) bypass the uppermost layers of skin tissue, helping deliver more energy/heat directly to the subcutaneous fat cells, increasing the ability to achieve fat cell death. This helps dramatically reduce the heating of the surface tissue, resulting in a safer, more effective non-invasive body shaping treatment with fewer complications and consumables than Radiofrequency & Cryolipolysis alternatives.


  • Microwaves bypass upper layers of skin to selectively target & destroy fat cells - watch

  • No consumables & fewer complications than Cryolipolysis & RF 

  • Effectively targets the connective tissue to dramatically reduce stubborn cellulite 

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Localised Fat

Coolwaves™ penetrate deeply disrupting the membranes of subcutaneous fat cells. The lysate is subsequently drained off stimulating physiological metabolic processes.


Coolwaves™ effectively target the connective tissue between the adipose lobules in the more advanced stages of cellulite.

Skin Tightening

Coolwaves™ induce an immediate shrinkage of the collagen fibres in the dermis and stimulate the production of new collagen, making tissue more compact and toned.






As manufacturers of the previously globally-renowned Laserlipolysis® treatment, DEKA has again developed a technology that will truly change the way in which all non-surgical body shaping procedures are delivered. Unlike any other body shaping or radiofrequency devices, the ONDA uses specialist microwaves at 2.45 GHz -  a frequency that is preferentially absorbed by fat molecules deep down in the subcutaneous cells, rather than the two outermost layers of skin. This then prevents heating in the Dermis and Epidermis and helps the energy penetrate directly through to the target. 

The remaining 80% penetrates into the fat.


  Clinical Paper 1  


Comfort & Safety with Smart Handpieces

The two handpieces differ in their depth of action, each designed for different body areas or types of blemishes. The contact skin cooling system is integrated into the handpieces and cooling the derma it counterbalances the heat issued by the microwaves. The derma is preserved, ensuring total patient comfort and avoiding any side effects and inflammation. 


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" In 1999 DEKA pioneered minimally invasive treatment of localised fat deposits by introducing Laserlipolysis® which achieved worldwide success. Today DEKA has taken one step further. DEKA’s unceasing search for new sources and applications has led to the invention of a completely non-invasive system, which specifically destroys the lipocyte membrane, just as the laser did. In very few sessions (usually 4-5), the Coolwaves™ in the ONDA system are extremely effective in reducing the localized accumulations of fat in areas like the abdomen, back, trochanter and lower limbs. And that’s not all! Coolwaves™ make it possible to treat cellulite even in the most advanced stages and skin laxity. This is a completely painless procedure, with no side effects, which is safe and comfortable for my patients, who were enthusiastic about this innovative treatment".

Paolo Bonan, M.D.
ESLD Key Officer Education
In Charge of Laser Cutaneous Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery


+ How do Coolwaves™ work?

Microwaves are part of the large family of electromagnetic waves [frequency range: 1 - 300 GHz]. Today they are common in many fields of everyday life including the medical field, for diagnostic or treatment purposes. However, not all microwaves are the same. No other device emits microwaves in the same way as the ONDA system’s smart handpieces! Microwaves lead the molecules absorbing them to oscillate and vibrate, thus heating up the medium that contains the molecules.

The ONDA system handpieces generate microwaves at 2.45 GHz, a frequency that is preferentially absorbed by fat molecules rather than by water molecules. The conductivity of the epidermis and the dermis, which contain plenty of water but not fat, is therefore much greater than the hypodermis’ one. Therefore, when the Coolwaves™ penetrate the skin, they pass straight through the top layers without overheating them (using about 20% of the energy from the microwaves), while they concentrate their effective action on the subcutaneous fat that highly absorbs them (about 80% of the energy).

By contrast, traditional radio frequency systems (frequency range 0.1 - 40 MHz) act only on the surface since highly absorbed by water molecules. This means that they not only fail to penetrate deep into the body to treat fat, but they also risk damaging the skin.

+ How long does the treatment take?

ONDA treatment is a very quick and easy procedure to deliver with treatment times varying depending on area size. To help put treatment times into perspective, the ONDA device is capable of treating a typical abdomen in 10 - 20 minutes.

+ How does the treatment feel?

ONDA treatment is virtually painless. Due to the skin presenting less resistance to high MW frequencies, Coolwaves™ are able to pass through the skin more readily than other technologies, focusing energy only where it is needed (for example in the subcutaneous adipose tissue in the event of localised fat deposits). This then results in less heating and discomfort on the skin. 


Prices measured by 10 x 10 cm area, Minimum Course of 4 treatments recommended
1 Area £160 per session, Course of 4 £512
2 Areas £240 per session, Course of 4 £768
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